Friday, September 18, 2015

30 New Colors of Polished Rectangle Beads

These are what I like to call 'Stand Alone' beads, just because they are so pretty they can stand alone and still stand out.  Use these in just about any jewelry design for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Be sure to click on the stock notify button for any item we do not have listed yet, to ensure that the color you want is re-stocked first. 

I've seen these used in a wrap bracelet or make a beautiful pair of earrings by using just 2 beads with some simple spacers on a head pin.

You can get these little beauties for as low as $.25 ea with our bulk discount pricing.

Friday, February 6, 2015

25% Off Coupon for 9x6mm Teardrop Beads

For 3 Days only we are offering a 25% OFF coupon for our 9x6mm Straight Hole Teardrop Beads.  You can use these little gems in just about any design.  Hang them at the base of a head pin to create a dangle earring.  Make a dangle (or several), on the center as a necklace as a focal point.  All you need to do is put a little stop bead at the bottom then string back up through the top.

You can use coupon code 2596TD on the check out page at CaLex Beads & Jewelry .  The discount will only apply to the specific teardrop beads mentioned above.  Some quantities are limited and this coupon will expire on Feb. 9th 2015.  You won't want to wait until the last minute!

Below you'll find just a sampling of some of the great colors we currently have in stock.

Luster Champagne


AB Garnet

Montana Blue


Opal Light Amethyst

Friday, January 16, 2015

Findings, A Lesson on Metals

Let's face it, Findings are just plain fun!

A Clasp can make or break a jewelry design.  Personally, my favorite is a toggle clasp, just for the simple fact that there are SO many choices out there.

I think I'm stuck in Fall mode, because I'm still loving the burnt oranges, reds, browns and yellow, all which go fantastically with Copper & Brass.  Here is an example of some of the colors that inspired me this past Autumn.
Large Dagger Fringe Necklace with a Brass Toggle

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your Findings:
  1. Metal Allergies!  If you are creating a piece that is a custom order always ask if your client has any metal allergies.  If they do you will probably be limited to using Sterling Silver.  However there are some new products on the market that are Nickel Free.  Nickel is the metal that most people are allergic to, but it is always safer to ask your client if they are allergic to nickel or have any other metal allergies.  You should also keep in mind that even 14kt Gold Fill has Nickel in it.  The higher the kt number, the less nickel it will have in it.  However, the higher the number, the more pliable the metal will be.  (i.e. 24kt will bend more easily than 14kt, it's the nickel that gives it strength).  One way around this issue is to try a Boro Glass Toggle, no metals at all in these.
  2. Color, I always put gold, brass, and copper with warm tones like red, orange, bronze, yellow, brown, etc.  Sterling, silver and black oxide always seem to go better with cool tones like blue, green, purple, etc.  Once you have your beads picked out for your project, try to imagine the best color finding that will compliment your finished work.
  3. Size, you don't want to put a huge Toggle Clasp on a dainty bracelet.  It will swallow up the beauty of your design.  Make sure your clasp is proportionate to the piece of jewelry.  This necklace shown has a large brass toggle on it, which is fitting since it is a bold piece.
  4. Finishing Touches, Nothing will make your piece of jewelry more professional looking or durable than going the extra mile to put on the finishing touches.  I'm talking about wire protectors and crimp covers.  These little guys will make your jewelry stand out and help with wear and tear on jewelry wire, thread or Fireline.
I hope you find these little finding tips useful.

Owner/Operator of CaLex Beads and Jewelry

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bead Project Management

One of my worst habits when beading is project management.  I am forever seeing a project in Bead and Button or Beadwork magazines that I just HAVE to make.  I then go online and purchase all the required items to make it, or as I call it, ingredients for the recipe.  Unfortunately, by the time I get everything in I can't remember what I was going to make with all of it.  Maybe it's old age or maybe it's just that my brain is filled with things to do with my twin toddlers, but I just couldn't seem to get organized.

So my latest management process has started to keep me more organized and clutter free.

I purchased 4 large 3 ring binders from the office supply store along with sheet protectors.  I've labeled each of my binders with Dymo tape on the spine with, NECKLACES/SETS | BRACELETS | EARRINGS | OTHER |.  Now when I see a project that I just have to make I scan a copy of it for myself, slip it into the sheet protector and put it in the appropriate binder.

Next comes gathering the jewelry making supplies, or ingredients.  To keep all of these together I also purchased from the office supply store some clear plastic zipper pockets.  When my beads come in I simply place them into the zipper pouch until I'm ready to do the project.

The other nice thing about keeping all of my projects this way is that I have any left overs in the same pouch.  Say I used 38 4mm fire polished beads on the project and I bought a 50 bead strand.  I now have the remaining 12 beads left in the pouch right next to the pattern should I want to recreate the jewelry piece.

This little tidbit has been brought to you from DJBeads